Big Sur would soon make it possible not to miss a single date

Big Sure Apple macOS 2020

To date, macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 is the most recent stable version of the operating system for Apple computers. But some are already imagining what the next edition could look like, the release date of which remains unknown. A magazine reader MacRumors, specializing in the subject, has analyzed the beta source code numbered 11.3 of the software to try to know more.

In particular, he found some clear clues that the app Calendar is preparing for an update dedicated to scheduled appointments. This would offer Macs the opportunity to prepare for each event by ensuring that its battery is sufficiently charged. A rather welcome asset for the heads-in-the-air or the nomads, especially since teleworking has become the norm for many Internet users.

Several loading options

Concretely, the Mac could therefore warn the user that he must plug in his machine in order to reach 100% autonomy three hours before the start of the meeting. The time slot could also change depending on certain parameters, including notifications already scheduled in advance.

It is not known if an improvement of this type is also planned for the iPhones. However, they are also increasingly used for video chats, thanks to applications like Telegram or Google Meet.

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