Bigger than ever, the Apple Watch Series 8 is getting ready

Series 8 Concept

If you want to buy an Apple Watch Series 7 today, you will have to choose between two very distinct screen sizes: 41 or 45mm. Other smaller editions also exist, but these are old models, all of which may not be compatible with the next versions of watchOS and their new features. What is certain, in any case, is that there is no greater for the moment.

However, according to information that we owe once again to Ross Young (Display Supply Chain Consultants / DSCC), this is about to change. The analyst indeed thinks that a 1.99 inch diagonal (about 50 mm) will arrive at Apple this year, without however specifying its source. The leader has however already been right many times in the past, which gives some credence to this rumor.

Watch out for the price

Be careful though, because we must not forget that the screen is the most expensive component in the Apple Watch, ahead of the battery or the processor. In theory, the 50mm Series 8 is therefore likely to see its price increase seriously, even though the previous model is already billed no less than 429 euros per unit in metropolitan France.

Advantages and disadvantages

On paper, however, a larger display is clearly more practical when you want to consult aggregated information such as weather, news or even messages. But it is also a greater expenditure of energy, because the slab consumes more electricity than any other room in the watch. However, the Apple Watch is justly famous for not staying on twenty-four hours straight: you can therefore say goodbye to sleep monitoring if you use it during the day.

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With this, the Apple Watch Series 8 should ship the same processor as the two previous versions, to name only this other inconvenience. Besides, it should once again be the best possible accessory to accompany your iPhone with the AirPods. To find out more, visit this autumn where Apple’s usual end-of-year keynote should allow us to discover in images the long-awaited wearable as well as four versions of the iPhone 14.

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