Binance Adds Shiba Inu Trading Pair – Dogecoin – Bitcoin Daily

Binance Adds Shiba Inu Trading Pair - Dogecoin - Bitcoin Daily

Binance Adds Shiba Inu Trading Pair - Dogecoin - Bitcoin Daily By Daily EditorBitcoin

The traders now they can exchange Shiba Inu directly against Dogecoin on Binance.


Tremendous news for followers of cryptocurrencies puppy meme Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Both can be traded on the world’s largest exchange, Binance. With this news the platform dawned today:

Fellow Binancers:

Binance will open trading for the SHIB / DOGE trading pair at 2021-11-02 08:00 AM (UTC).

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Carry out your operations with caution. You are informed that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.

As is well known, these two cryptocurrencies have their loyal lovers and also their angry detractors. There are also those who defend one of them, for example, Dogecoin, for being the original, and who, on the contrary, believe that it is better SHIB.

In the midst of the tirade – and associated criticism – Binance He has acted in a purely commercial spirit: if people want the dogs, then I’ll give them the dogs.

SHIBA has grown

Cryptopotato remember that Shiba Inu was created on the rise of DeFi Summer in 2020. Its official website called the cryptocurrency “The Dogecoin killer”, creating a narrative that would eventually identify two of the most passionate communities in Crypto Twitter face each other.

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Highlights the medium that when it was created Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency had a small fraction of the market capitalization of Dogecoin, And not many people thought it was realistic to expect that it would one day be a multi-billion dollar project and rank in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. by market capitalization.

However, at present, Shiba Inu ranks 10th in the crypto with the most marketcap, with a market capitalization of USD $ 38.8 billion, while the oldest dog, DOGE, it ranks 11th with a marketcap of USD $ 36.2 billion. The bulls of both currencies will now be disputed in the same market and together with hundreds of new curious traders.

DOGECOIN and SHIBA INU rise after inclusion in BINANCE

Adoption as a pair by Binance, has had an impact on prices. SHIB, at 7:30 am New York time, has a price of 9.79% compared to yesterday at the same time. While, DOGE has an increase of 4.97%.

Sources: Binance and Cryptopotato

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