Binance Announces BNB Chain Update Coming This Month

Binance Announces BNB Chain Update Coming This Month

Binance Announces BNB Chain Update Coming This Month By DailyBitcoin Editor

The update of BNB Smart Chain Mainnet Euler It will be on June 22, as reported by Binance.


  • BNB Chain will have an update and hard fork this month
  • The programmed fork is named Euler
  • It will be at block 18,907,621 on June 22

the exchange Binance announced the soon update and hard fork of the chain BNB Smart Chain Mainnet. According to the report, it is expected that BNB Chain “have a scheduled hard fork update called Euler at a block height of 18,907,621.” The current rate of block generation forecasts this to occur around June 22, 2022 at 08:00 (UTC). Validators and full node operators dYou must update your software version to v1.1.11 before June 22nd.

In Twitter, the company advanced the information last night:

A new update is coming to #BSC Mainnet on June 22

The Euler upgrade will make BSC more stable, decentralized, trustworthy, and give validators new tools and incentives.

network will be faster

As already reported DailyBitcointhe improvements to come for BNB Chain are expected to make the network faster and more decentralized, to offer better guarantees to operators and users interested in making use of its Blockchain for products and services.

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More from the hard fork

on the blog, Binance explains the name of the update: “This update is named after Leonhard Euler in honor of his key contributions to mathematics and mechanics. He was a Swiss mathematician and physicist widely regarded as one of the founders of graph theory and topology”.

For those who do not know what a hardfork or bifurcation is, the company explains: “A hard fork is an update that is not backwards compatible because some breaking changes were introduced in the latest version. A hard fork on the BNB Smart Chain requires more than half of all validators to update successfully to continue creating blocks. If existing full nodes on the network are not upgraded, they will not be able to receive or execute any more blocks normally after the hardfork block height.”


Logical changes will occur at block height 19,203,503 for this update. After the update activation, the blockchain can handle a number of new features and bug fixes.


Indicates to users that the current version “it is breaking and you need to switch to v1.1.11”. Indicates a series of instructions that must be done before the height of the hardfork block:

  • If your node is already in sync with the network, download and compile the latest version
  • Stop the geth process and restart it with v1.1.11.
  • If you can’t update your software, you can’t sync with the updated BNB Smart Chain Peer/Validator nodes. You will not be able to connect or send transactions.
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In addition, it warns that due to the Parlia consensus design, the absence of the validator, even for scheduled maintenance, will cause instability and loss of capacity of the BSC due to the extra waiting time and chain reorganization for other validators. The introduction of temporary maintenance mode will stabilize lock rotation and maintain BSC capacity.

More technical information at

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