Bitcoin Can Protect Americans Because “You Can’t Create It From Nothing,” Says Heritage Foundation President

Bitcoin Can Protect Americans Because "You Can't Create It From Nothing," Says Heritage Foundation President

Bitcoin Can Protect Americans Because "You Can't Create It From Nothing," Says Heritage Foundation President For DailyBitcoin Editor

the president of Heritage FoundationKevin Roberts argues that Bitcoin can protect Americans and that is very positive.


  • Kevin Roberts says that Bitcoin can protect Americans.
  • defined to Bitcoin as “the most destructive innovation in a positive sense”.
  • He argues that Bitcoin “cannot be created from nothing”.

Even with the current drop in prices, the cryptocurrency market continues to be for many an alternative for future protection against the current inflationary situation in the world. In fact, the United States, a country that had managed to control it, now has its highest levels of inflation since 1982: the dollar is worth less and less.

Given this, the Heritage Foundation, An American foundation created in 1973, based in Washington DC, which has a leading role in the conservative movement in the United States and studies the public policies of its country, has given its position on crypto, in the mouth of its main leader.

The president of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, yesterday participated in a panel discussion entitled ‘Bitcoin and the American experiment’during which he expressed his views on Bitcoin and how it can serve as financial protection.

Roberts’ reasoning was that:

“Bitcoin can protect Americans as it cannot be created out of thin air.”

In addition, he defined Bitcoin “as the most destructive innovation in a positive sense”, confirming that it can protect citizens.

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It is worth noting that the Heritage Foundation has spoken out against the closed stance of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about crypto. In his blog he stated that:

“After years of numerous requests from responsible applicants, not a single Bitcoin exchange-traded fund has been approved, even as much riskier commodity derivatives were jubilantly greenlit.”

The position of Lummis, Saylor and Cruz

The views of the president Heritage Foundation they were shared by the other participants on the panel, including US Senator Cynthia Lummis, who is about to introduce (supposedly this week) her bill that would integrate digital assets into the US financial system.

Lummis argued that the regulatory framework in favor of cryptocurrencies would bring order to the crypto ecosystem, which he called “absolutely amazing”, without stopping innovation. According to her, Bitcoin it was a phoenix that would ascend and the announced bill would detail the different parts of digital assets and products.

Roberts and Lummis were joined by the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, US Senator Ted Cruz, and Peter St. Onge, an economic policy researcher at The Heritage Foundationn.

Saylor said about Bitcoin: “The American dream is all about property rights, sovereignty, freedom, then you can move the energy and economics of your life savings into cyberspace.”

The event’s keynote speaker, Ted Cruz, described Bitcoin as a truly remarkable innovation. The senator stated that with the introduction of Bitcoin, money no longer had to be a government monopoly. “Through blockchains and distributed ledgers, everyone now has access to money,” US Senator Ted Cruz said.

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Here you can listen to the participations in the event:

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