Bitcoin hash rate returns to May levels and points to a new all-time high

Bitcoin hash rate returns to May levels and points to a new all-time high

Already at May levels. The hash rate (hash rate) of Bitcoin (BTC) mining this week reached the capacity assumed five months ago, before the Chinese onslaught against BTC and the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

According to the estimates of BitInfoCharts, the Bitcoin network’s hash rate was 172,713 exahashes (EH / s) earlier this week, the same figure recorded in mid-May and just before the precipitous drop in the rate. from China’s ban, which was more than 50%. At that time it reached 68 EH / s.

The hash rate was already showing its rise. A few days ago, CriptoNoticias reported that the rate had tripled with respect to the lows reached after the veto in China. Now it looks like BTC mining is done getting over that episode, heading for higher rates of extraction.

In fact, the rise in the rate coincides with the new all-time high of the recorded BTC price. in past days, when it reached USD 66,000, as reported by this newspaper.

The increase in the hash rate is also related to the migration of miners from China to the United States (USA) and Kazakhstan, which are now the two largest bitcoin producers in the world.

In figures, the US concentrates at least 30% of all activity, displacing the Asian giant, the only leader before the onslaught against the industry. Kazakhstan, meanwhile, now has 18% of the total activity.

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Patrick Lowry, CEO of institutional investment firm Iconic Holding and Cryptology, celebrated the registered increase in the hash rate. Via Twitter, asserted that BTC’s mining capacity is on the way to a new all-time high.

Bitcoin hash rate returns to May levels and points to a new all-time high
This week, the hash rate of the Bitcoin network was in more than 170 exahashes.

“The Bitcoin hash rate has ignored China’s mining ban (and the subsequent shutdown of major mining operations) and is moving towards a new all-time high,” he wrote on his account.

Riot and Marathon, shows the growth of the hash rate

As a sign of the sustained growth of the hash rate, two publicly traded bitcoin mining companies have had big numbers in recent months. Is about Riot and Marathon, both from the United States.

This is what the firm suggests Compass Mining, a mining hardware company. Marathon went from extracting 50.4 bitcoins in January, more than 340.6 BTC at the end of September. Riot, meanwhile, went from 91 BTC in September 2020 over 406 BTC in the ninth month of 2021.

The growth of both companies was reflected in the share price, which rose 63.92% in the last 12 months, in the case of Riot; and 392.6% for Marathon.

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