Bitcoin miners on standby forced by high temperatures and storms

Key facts:
  • Missouri is the state that reached the highest temperatures, compared to Florida and New Mexico.

  • In Oklahoma it was not the heat but a storm that affected the mining operations.

The high temperatures caused by the summer in the northern hemisphere forced many Bitcoin miners to take a rest “the hard way”. The mining company Compass Mining reported that it was forced to turn off equipment in 5 states of the United States due to climatic causes.

Compass Mining’s operations were interrupted in the states of Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and New Mexico. The origin of the interruption of the mining activity of this company was due, in most cases, to the temperatures of these localities, which hovered between 32C° and 40C° (from 90F° to 105F°).

The exception of the states listed above is Oklahoma. There it was not the high temperatures that forced the rest of the Bitcoin miners, but a strong storm that affected the area where the farm identified as OK1 is located from Compass Mining. As of yesterday, July 24, there was still hardware down due to extreme weather.

Regarding the Texas 1 mining complex, Compass Mining comments that they will keep the equipment in those facilities while they try to reach an agreement soon with ERCOT, the company in charge of the electrical supply in that state.

CriptoNoticias reported at the beginning of June that Riot Blockchain, a company dedicated to Bitcoin mining that is among the most relevant worldwide, turned off a large part of its equipment. The town of Rockdale, where Riot’s farm is located, was 40C at the time.

The fact that there are so many mining operations being affected by the heat wave that affects countries that are in the summer season is one of the causes of Bitcoin hashrate drop. This, added to the world energy crisis and the fall of the cryptocurrency market, caused the profitability of mining to drop a lot; to the point that the emission of BTC has been affected in recent weeks.

Bitcoin miners rest, but politicians remain unhappy

Actions like the one just cited by Riot and other mining companies in the United States help to cover up the climate and energy crisis in the country. However, they do not seem to be relevant enough for some actors in US politics.

Recently, a group of senators led by congressman Jared Hauffman sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in which they demanded its intervention regarding the energy consumption of the mining sector in the United States.

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