Bitmain downgrades Antminer S19 Pro Bitcoin miners to less than $2,000

Bitmain downgrades Antminer S19 Pro Bitcoin miners to less than $2,000

Key facts:
  • Those who bought this model of miner previously, will be able to opt for discount coupons.

  • The profitability of mining Bitcoin with the S19 Pro is not the most favorable.

The most recognized manufacturer in the world of Bitcoin miners today, Bitmain, lowered the price of the ASIC device model Antminer S19 Pro to USD 1,900 per unit. This, although it makes it more affordable than ever, is a consequence of the low profitability it offers due to the fall of bitcoin (BTC) in the exchange market.

Bitmain made this campaign public through its account on Twitter. The current price of the S19 Pro is 80% lower than it was in January this year. For this reason, those who have purchased the hardware model in question before the sale can opt for discount coupons for future purchases.

The Antminer S19 Pro is one of the most powerful Bitmain rigs today, after the S19 XP and S19 Pro+ Hyd. Despite its mining power and being a device with only about two years on the market, his performance today is not good.

Bitcoin miners operating in the red

According to the ASIC Miner Value website, the current profitability of mining Bitcoin with an S19 Pro is USD -0.16 per day; that is, it would be mined at a loss. It should be noted that this result is based on the current price of BTC (which is around USD 18,800) and an electricity service cost of USD 0.12 per KWh. Added to this is the fact that the difficulty of mining this network is at its all-time high, as recently reported by CriptoNoticias.

Bitmain downgrades Antminer S19 Pro Bitcoin miners to less than $2,000
The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has been climbing hand in hand with the hashrate of this network. Font:

Although the figures on the profitability of mining with an Antminer S19 Pro do not look encouraging, Bitmain outlines a phrase in its publication to encourage its potential clients: “prepare during the bear market, prosper during the bull market”. This quote, as encouraging as it sounds, does not clarify the risks of making an investment to enter Bitcoin mining.

It is of the utmost importance to be aware of market instability, variations in the network and other aspects external to Bitcoin, such as electricity costs and quality of service, as well as measures that authorities may take regarding cryptocurrency mining.

This is not the first price cut Bitmain has announced so far this year. The most recent was last month, when they put models like the S19 XP and S19 J on sale. In fact, CriptoNoticias reported that Bitcoin mining hardware prices are at 2020 levels, just before the bullish trend of the market at that time woke up.

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