Block, Jack Dorsey’s company, is looking for equipment that will design new ASICs for Bitcoin mining

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Block, Jack Dorsey's company, is looking for equipment that will design new ASICs for Bitcoin mining For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The application published in LinkedIn detail that Block I would be interested in graduates in BSEE or Applied Science, who have more than 10 years of experience and track record in creating specialized hardware, as the goal is to create the new generation of miners SO C for Bitcoin


The company run by Jack Dorsey for the processing of payments and the use of Bitcoin, Block, posted a new job vacancy looking for a team to work on what would be the next generation of mining devices for the leading digital currency.

Block seeks team to design SO C miner Bitcoin

This was revealed by the team of Block in an official publication through your account LinkedIn, where they indicate that the applicants who are accepted for the vacancy will work especially in the design of new devices SO C, specifically designed to mine Bitcoin and thus address the needs of the sector.

In this regard, in the post published in LinkedIn it reads:

“In this role, they will work closely with other digital and mixed aspect designers to develop the next generation of ASICs for mining. [de Bitcoin]…. ”.

In this sense, those who are elected to this position will have to assume tasks for the design of digital frameworks, creation of specification and implementation documents, integration of algorithms and functions, data review, among others. Therefore, people must have a degree in BSEE or Applied Science, have more than 10 years of experience, as well as a technological background in the creation of specialized hardware and engineering of the underlying concepts of digital design and architecture.

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How will this new SO C miner?

While it is a fact that Block is going to build a new team for this work, the question that remains in the air is what this new mining hardware will be like in which they want to work.

Although this information is currently classified, in the past the CEO of Block, Jack Dorsey, left in an extensive Twitter thread where he pointed out some central questions and ideas for a new Bitcoin mining system, specifying especially in five aspects:

  • Distribution miners: Given the degrees of distribution of mining that the network has Bitcoin, Dorsey stressed that the more participants there are, the more guarantees in this regard to settle transactions safely.
  • Mining efficiency: In this sense, Dorsey himself assured that “Driving the use of clean and efficient energy is great for the economy, impact and scalability of Bitcoin.”
  • Silicon Production Status: Given the implications and costs associated with the design of silicon-based solutions, the manager recommended combining the design process with this material closely with the software and system, precisely to gradually advance ground.
  • Vertical integration: As for companies that wish to work within the sector, the vertical integration process would eliminate dependence on any external production factor that could create restrictions and uncertainties.
  • Greater accessibility: To date, the use of SO C can be complex for many, so the bet aims to overcome the complexity of mining BTC so that more people can access it, being as simple as using a toaster or a washing machine.
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Yes Block and Dorsey succeed in this matter, the ecosystem of mining devices would have one more competitor and would try to open space in an industry dominated by companies such as Bitmain, the latter being the best known name within the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem.

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