Block (Square) prepares Tap to Pay for iPads

Tap to Pay Block

Last week, Adyen announced that its platform would be compatible with Tap to Pay (for certain customers only, at first). This functionality, which also brings together other partners such as Shopify or Stripe, makes it possible to turn the iPhone into a payment terminal in order to receive transactions via the NFC chip installed under the hood.

But the Dutchman will have to face competition: a particularly curious developer has indeed discovered that Block is preparing a similar solution. If this name means nothing to you, let us enlighten you: this is the rebranding of the company Square (the brand is retained), specialist in electronic transactions founded by Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Jim McKelvey in 2009 and incidentally majority shareholder of Tidal.

The concept

The image above, unveiled by Steve Moser (the same one who showed us Meta’s smartwatch), unhesitatingly recalls the Square Stand, a tablet docking station sold 150 euros approximately in the United States. Except that here, no Reader: the accessory to which customers normally come to affix their iPhone to pay with Apple Pay is indeed absent.

Instead, the reader is actually integrated into the structure housing the iPad. It therefore does not seem to be the real Tap to Pay delivered with iOS, but rather a third-party solution pending a possible global deployment. The price of the device remains uncertain, moreover we do not know either if it will one day be available in Europe or if it will only be reserved for the American market.

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Soon in native?

If iPhones can transfer money, it is because they are equipped with a dedicated sensor. However, this is not offered (officially) on the iPad: Apple’s large touch screens are content with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even 5G for the most expensive editions. Traces of NFC however, have already been spotted by some publishers, but nothing serious for the moment.

However, whether in restaurants or in stores, brands using Apple tablets are far from rare. So all that’s missing is a simple update to overshadow Tiller in France…

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