Blog articles for an e-commerce site: different approaches

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Having a blog integrated into its online store is a plus for companies wishing to unite a community around their brand or improve the SEO of their E-commerce site. Blog content is written to inform readers on the web, providing them with added value in terms of theoretical or practical knowledge. These articles can be oriented in different ways depending on their objective, which must be defined upstream. What are the different types of blog posts that can be found on E-commerce sites? What are they for ?

Why write a blog article on an E-commerce site?

This is the first question to ask if we want the blog to have a real interest. The desire to create an editorial section on a showcase or e-commerce site often comes from managers who wish to deliver corporate information about their company, to their customers but also to their employees and professional partners. In this case, most of the time, it is a substitute for press releases intended to describe the recent news of the brand or group to bring visibility and strengthen notoriety. This is part of the organization’s external or internal communication.

But is there a real benefit behind this communication? Does the company have an audience so that its messages can be properly received and understood? Don’t blog posts duplicate other communication channels, like social media? This is going to depend mainly on the size of the business in the first place. It is indeed necessary to calculate the level of profitability of the resources mobilized for the writing of blog articles and to know the impact that the published content will have. Small or medium-sized companies have more interest in working to develop their activity rather than providing efforts that will generate little benefit in terms of visibility.

There are other ways to get your users to your merchant site through editorial articles. Certain solutions can even be advantageous for the visibility of the site in search engines, but also for the products or services that you offer.

What are the different types of merchant website blog posts?

Product comparisons

To write blog posts about product reviews, it is best to have a good base of products in the online catalog. Large e-commerce sites that offer a marketplace space have the potential to be able to compare several products from different brands. Comparisons can be very factual, showing the technical and other characteristics of the products presented without giving a positive or negative opinion about one brand over another. Thus, the partners do not feel harmed or advantaged, which promotes a good relationship with the company offering the marketplace.

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News and trends on the theme of the site and products

Blog articles can be an opportunity for the brand to pose as an expert in its field of activity. Revealing new trends and sharing news on topics that you master make you legitimate in the eyes of your visitors. These types of content can also instill confidence in your future customers and will potentially entice them to buy your products.

Definitions, concepts

By creating a lexicon, for example, you capture Internet users who are looking for information on concepts related to your field of activity. You are therefore posing as an expert on the subject, which can reassure potential prospects. Creating content pages on definitions will also allow you to capture more traffic and work on your site’s SEO through various actions. Developing the topics at the base of your business is a start. You can go further in the technicality of your content over the publications.

The advantages of starting a blog on an e-commerce site

Finally, there are several advantages for a commercial site to launch its blog, provided that this one is fed regularly. This makes it possible to boost the natural referencing of the site, by answering certain questions from Internet users and therefore by broadening the queries on which the site is positioned. Blog articles also participate in the development of the brand on the web by creating a link with its community and by confirming the expertise of the company in its field of activity.

If you want to get started in creating a blog on your e-commerce site, it is a question of determining its objective so that the articles have a genuine interest in your business.

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