bluetooth does not work in the car (especially if it’s a Toyota)

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While Apple offered an update to its customers a few weeks ago, with the release of iOS 15.1, the Cupertino company could have caused more problems than it solved. Indeed, a certain number of people are complaining on the various forums of the Apple brand of several bugs present on their phone since the arrival of this update.

First of all, bluetooth would be the part most affected by the update, especially in a very specific situation, as described in the various testimonials which report this problem. Indeed the latter occurs especially when the phone is connected in the car with a wireless use system. The latter is often interrupted as if the connection is lost, forcing users to manually reactivate it.

No solution for the moment

A major problem when we know that users are by definition often behind the wheel when this kind of malfunction occurs. These could therefore have very serious consequences and create several accidents if they are not resolved quickly by Apple.

According to the various complaints that are available on the internet regarding this problem, it almost only occurs on Toyota cars. Even more surprisingly, it is not Apple’s system itself, CarPlay, which seems to be the cause of the bug here. While users of this service may have encountered difficulties recently, they are far from the majority and people just using bluetooth in their car seem to be much more affected.

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At this time, no workaround seems to have been found, and disconnections are on the rise as the issue spreads with the update. For its part, Apple has not announced anything on this problem, but it is more than likely that Apple’s development teams are already working on the subject and that the next update will resolve the situation.

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