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BMW Motorrad is developing ‘SoulFuel’, a series of collaborations with trainers who are giving free rein to their creativity to create versions of the most special of the Bavarian brand’s motorcycles. The second model in the series is the BMW R 18 Custom, sporting the peculiar customizer style Kingston Custom.

The R 18 has a simple architecture that makes it very easy to convert, which has made it the basis for many transformations over the years. This, however, may be one of the most striking to date.

The main responsible for this is the front fairing that protects the entire front, creating a large volume dome in which only the hole for the headlight and a double kidney grill like that of the brand’s cars, as well as a small windscreen that protects the handlebars.

BMW R 18 Custom

Although it is the most extreme modification, it is not the only one that has received: the escape line has been redirected, that now runs straight down the bottom; the rear wheel is also faired and sports a fin that includes the brake light, the saddle is new and the handlebar is handmade. In addition, the glossy black color has been chosen to give uniformity to the whole, dotted with chrome details to achieve an aesthetic typical of the art deco style.

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In contrast, no change has been made to its mechanical section, as Dirk Oehlerking from Kingston Custom points out: “The BMW R 18 is so perfect that I left the technology as is. The chassis is 100% original and so sophisticated that nothing should be changed. ” Thus, it maintains its ‘big boxer’ engine, a 1.8 two-cylinder block that develops 91 hp of power and 158 Nm of maximum torque.



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