BMW will soon no longer be Apple’s sole partner

BMW will soon no longer be Apple's sole partner

The editions of the newsletter of Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg always brings very interesting ifnoramtiosn on the plans of the brand to the apple on the more or less long term. If the journalist has already devoted a good part of his paper to the possible new features of the iPad Pro, which should be released during this year, his newsletter also gives information on products that were less expected.

A new manufacturer this summer

This is particularly the case of CarKey which should soon develop according to Gurman’s announcements made on this subject. Indeed, according to the Apple brand analyst, Hyundai should sign a partnership with Apple this summer and set up Apple CarKey on its vehicles. As a reminder, today only BMW cars work with this device.

An announcement that is not so surprising when you look closer. Remember last year, Apple and Hyundai were very close to each other, the negotiations had leaked in the press regarding the production of the Apple, because, and finally the Korean manufacturer had did not want to follow the Cupertino company in this adventure, not wanting to become a subcontractor of Apple as are companies such as TSMC or Foxconn.

The CarKey at Hyundai a consolation prize?

If the discussions failed on this point, it would seem that Apple and Hyundai have kept more than cordial relations. Indeed, and it had already been announced several months ago with code discovered in iOS 15, but Hyundai cars, in particular the Genesis range, should be entitled to CarKey.

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As a reminder, this feature uses the Wallet or “Maps” app on your iPhone to store your car keys. It is then possible to open, but also to start the vehicle directly from the native Apple application. A solution which, although very attractive, has so far only convinced BMW, which offers it on some of its models.

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