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BNB Chain to implement scalability and decentralization improvements by the end of 2022 - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

It is expected that the improvements to come for BNB Chain make the network faster and decentralized, to offer better guarantees to operators and users interested in making use of their blockchain for products and services.


  • Team of BNB Chain presents a roadmap for future updates.
  • It will increase the number of validators from 21 to 41.
  • DEX of Binance now it will be open source.
  • The changes will come into place before the end of 2022.

Binance, the exhange with the highest volume of commercial operations in the world, presented a new roadmap for its network BNBChain, with which it will seek to make this much faster and decentralized.

Greater decentralization for BNB Chain

This was reported by the development team during the BNB Chain Revelation Summitevent specially dedicated to offer announcements, information, updates and new plans in relation to the network created by Binance.

Regarding the plans to BNBChain, the project roadmap shows that a new update will take place with several points to implement, among which would be the BEP-131 that would bring improvements in relation to decentralization, expanding the number of validators for greater security and stability of the blockchain.

In this regard it reads:

“This proposal would increase the number of validators on the BNB Chain mainnet from 21 to 41, thereby providing greater decentralization and incentives for those taking on this work to constantly innovate their hardware and infrastructure.”

Yes ok BNB Chain It has been a very attractive proposal for a large number of projects and initiatives in the space blockchain, One of the most frequent criticisms among the most orthodox is that it appears as a highly centralized network. Therefore, the improvements aim precisely at expanding the number of validators, practically doubling the original figure, although it is unknown if there will be more places in future reviews.

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This implementation is expected to become effective by the end of 2022.

DEX of Binance will be open source

Another of the announcements made in the roadmap is that the implementation of BNB Beacon Chain will also make the decentralized exchange (DEX) of Binance becomes open source, which will remain for review and consultation by the interested community.

This change will take place over the next few months, and it is hoped that this will bring about greater transparency, as well as making it possible to integrate endpoints with other external networks.

In this regard, the respective document reads:

“Developers can look forward to increased access to the DEX matching engine code, which will be free to use and build upon.”

In turn, it is expected that these improvements associated with the BEP-126 further optimize transaction speeds:

“BEP-126 will implement multi-signature systems based on BLS [Boneh–Lynn–Shacham] for the peer-to-peer (P2P) channel and will certify the blocks to quickly finalize the state of the Blockchain network. The final confirmation time of transactions will be reduced to as little as two blocks and will provide end users with a smoother cross-chain user experience by decreasing transaction time.”

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