BOE ahead of LG for the iPhone 15?

BOE Electronics

Remember: last year, before the iPhone 12 was unveiled to the general public, many questions remained about the fate of BOE Electronics, a regular when it came to supplying screens to Apple for its mobiles. The service provider would not have been able to convince the Cupertino pundits, who then fell back to alternative parts provided by Samsung and LG.

But according to recent information from The Elec, three BOE factories have finally resumed production of flexible OLED panels for Apple. The source unfortunately does not specify for which products, but we know that the firm at the apple has already imagined several concepts of foldable laptops in the past. Otherwise, it may just be the famous 2.5D technology that curves the screen to the side, to better match the shape of the device. However, this was abandoned on high-end collections with the end of the iPhone 11 …

See you in two years

UBI Research analyst and CEO Choong Hoon Yi also estimates that BOE could surpass LG Display in terms of deliveries for iPhones by 2023, even as the Korean has just invested nearly three billion dollars in displays of future Cupertino mobiles. Of course, Samsung would remain at the top of the list with still a majority of its own orders.

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Its Chinese competitor, meanwhile, could total no less than 144,000 units per month for Apple by the fourth quarter of next year. This would be the current level of the manufacturer of the Galaxy Z Fold, while LG is still happy with much less. Let us not forget that the coronavirus pandemic, which has wreaked havoc in Asia, has also shaken up the plans of these giants in the most recent periods.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Also designing components for Oppo, BOE has several logistics chains, including one in Sichuan province. This is already at the helm of the screens for the iPhone 13 but also for the iPhone 12, still available in the Apple Store, we remind you. In total, with these two models, BOE would then have sent eighteen million OLED panels to Foxconn and others for assembly in 2021.

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