Bored! fans call the new hosts of ‘A New Day’

¡Aburridos! llaman los fans a los nuevos presentadores de ‘Un Nuevo Día’

Chiqui Baby has been in charge of conducting an interview with two members of what will be the new lineup of the morning program “A new day“.

A few days after the transition to the show that will be named “Today”They have presented two of the new hosts of the news section so that the public feels more connected, with all the changes that will be presented from February 15th.

Has been introduced to Arantxa Loizaga Y Nacho lozano a couple of Mexicans who come together to give a more newsy tone to the broadcast, both journalists have a broad curriculum that supports them.

We want you to have all the necessary elements to start the day with the correct and complete information to empower our Latino community“They have written on the official Instagram account.

The reactions of the viewer public were immediate and have filled the publication with messages.

Bored“,”I miss the different accents. This program is no longer the same. What a pity. That’s what I look at Wake up America“,”What program laziness with those boring presenters“, Expressed several fans.

But there were also those who applauded the new members and they can no longer wait to see them every morning “Nacho Lozano is the best“,”How good! It will be a success, the viewers welcome you“,”Wow, she is super good!“Wrote others.

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