Boruto manga chapter 48 is available in Spanish

Boruto manga chapter 48 is available in Spanish

The new episode of Boruto’s manga is titled “Time Limit”

Finally came the day. This Monday, July 20, the new chapter of Boruto’s manga premiered after a month of waiting by fans. The new installment is titled “Time Limit” and it is episode number 48.

There are many pages where you can access the manga of Naruto’s son, however, we always recommend the Manga Plus site since it presents completely, free, and in Spanish all the productions of this anime. It also has the possibility of downloading it in PDF and always presents the news correctly and in a timely manner. Click here to go directly to the new episode.

The confrontation between Koki Kashin and Isshin Otsutsuki continues as Boruto and Sasuke think about what to do in Konoha. Koji tries to take down Isshin with old techniques from the Seventh Hokage, although the fight ends in favor of the enemy that blocks Koji Kasshin, allowing Isshin to transport himself to Konoha. Boruto and Sasuke are worried about the news and Naruto is on alert for the dark figure that has come to the village.

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In episode 49, which will premiere on August 20, 2020, there will be “an unexpected invasion.” Apparently Naruto and Sasuke could face off in a second round with Isshiki Otsutsuki, unless there is a surprise intervention.

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