Boruto manga chapter 70 available in Spanish

Boruto manga chapter 70 available in Spanish

The wait is over and Boruto manga fans can now enjoy episode 70, which premiered this Thursday, May 19, 2022.

According to the information available on the Internet, the delivery called “With all my heart”, will continue to show details of the conversation between Shikamaru and Eida and apparently one of the two will beg the other to change sides and as a guarantee of this it will be done. Kawaki delivery.

Another topic that will be delved into here will be the close bond between Amado and Eida, who could be the daughter of the scientist, although it is a theory that is not yet so strong. However, experts believe that he turned her into a cyborg to prevent her death and that is a great show of affection.

Finally, Kawaki will appear on the battlefield and this step is crucial so that little by little, he discovers what is happening with the village. His immunity to Eida is the strongest point that will allow him to turn the tide of combat.

Remember that you can read this and all the chapters of the series on the Manga Plus site, where you can always find content in Spanish, free and in high quality.

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