Braiins updates its tools for Bitcoin miners and promises more improvements

Braiins updates its tools for Bitcoin miners and promises more improvements

Key facts:
  • Through an alliance with CoinMetrics, information on mining holdings will be provided.

  • The platform shows the profitability of a miner at a set electricity price.

Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Braiins updated several of its tools days ago that miners can use to better track activity.

In accordance with Daniel frumkin, mining expert and company member, with the new tools, released last week, now the platform de Braiins offers, in the first instance, historical charts for the most important mining metrics.

Among those, the hash rate (hash rate), the difficulty of mining, the hash value, the hash price, transaction fees (or gas), as well as daily mining income.

Likewise, the platform shows the profitability of a miner at an electricity price previously established by the user. According to the image shared by Frumkin, it is about of a table where the main machines for mining BTC and several sections that divide electricity are compared, a daily earnings profile and even an average of bitcoins mined each day.

Not enough, Braiins achieved a partnership with charting firm CoinMetrics, who will provide data from at least 5 charts on mining holdings and transaction flows.

This is particularly important for miners, who are blamed for the drops in BTC prices. Thus, and with this union, the transaction flows will be more transparent at the expense of the miners and the hodling.

The platform also gave space to the mining pools, because now with the update, the miners will have information about those groups, in addition to the distribution of the hash rate. This, added to the real-time information on the extraction capacity, thanks to the APIs.

Braiins updates its tools for Bitcoin miners and promises more improvements
Braiins offers details of the various existing mining pools / Source: Braiins.

And last but not least, Braiins added a “handy little” calculator, in Frumkin’s words. With this tool, you can now enter the power capacity, which will automatically reveal what are the hardware models that can work with it.

The calculator, says the expert, has a safety margin of 10%, relying on the configuration of stocks, plus estimated value hash rate.

According to Daniel Frumkin, the mining tools that have been released in the last year were also updated. In particular, it talks about the profitability calculator, which now allows historical backtesting and mixed analysis, with historical and future projections in a single graph. And it clarifies that historical backtests use sums of daily mining income and the price of BTC, in order to have “greater precision”.

Frumkin hopes that both miners and all bitcoiners will appreciate the new tools that Braiins offers, and anticipates that they are already working in order to add “more interesting things” in the next updates.

Mining, a true industry

The update of the Braiins tools comes right in a context in which the mining of Bitcoin progresses more and more in the consolidation of its activity as an industry. In essence, this is what the facts have shown.

It is not just about applications, but about expanding the activity. Only last week the arrival of Bitmain’s new miner, the Antminer S19 XP, was announced. the most powerful ever made, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

It is a machine that has every intention of enshrining Bitcoin mining as a profitable activity, while claiming to be environmentally friendly.

Braiins updates its tools for Bitcoin miners and promises more improvements
Now in Braiins you can know the price of bitcoin, as well as the difficulty of mining and the hash rate / Source: Braiins.

There have also been important advances in other companies, such as Canaan, which this week promised to increase its own hash rate by up to 60 times. It is obvious that he wants to continue in the fight.

Everything, apparently, is also part of the -ironic- impulse of China, which by banning Bitcoin mining, caused a massive migration to other latitudes, that is: expanded activity.

In fact, a recent study by Glassnode predicts a new all-time high in the Bitcoin hash rate, after acknowledging that the activity has recovered by 95% after the chinese onslaught.

“The mining industry continues to recover after the extraordinary event that 52% of the hash power grid went offline, almost overnight. Given the current recovery trend, the mining market hash rate could reach new ATHs before the end of 2021 ”, they explain.

Braiins updates its tools for Bitcoin miners and promises more improvements
The hash rate distribution is also shown / Source: Braiins.

And, when it comes to miners’ income, the analytics company claimed that they currently earn between 900 and 1,000 BTC per day. «The mining industry is paid [medido en dinero fíat] almost at the highest level in history for their services, “they stated, as recorded by this newspaper.

Everything indicates that Bitcoin mining is a key industry and in full development, in which, while generating profits, it helps to develop an ecosystem that still has a lot to exploit.

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