Brave Enriches Search Results With Discussions

The open source browser Brave has announced the addition of a new feature to its search engine: Discussions. The goal is to enrich search results with excerpts directly from conversations between users. What is it precisely? How do Discussions work? What can we expect in the long term? Discover everything there is to know about the arrival of this new feature.

Reminder: What is Brave and Brave Search?

First of all, before talking about Discussions, let’s remember what Brave is. It is a web browser that has the particularity of beingopen source, freeand especially anonymous and secure. It is mainly on this point that Brave stands out from conventional web browsers.

Privacy taking more and more place in the concerns of digital professionals, but also of individuals, this browser can become a solid alternative to protect your privacy.

Originally developed by the creator of JavaScript and Firefox, Brendan Eich, Brave also promises to be 3 times faster than Google Chromeof block all ad trackersand even to make you earn money ! Indeed, you accumulate cryptocurrency (BAT) by browsing Brave.

To pose as a serious alternative to Google, Brave has even gone so far as to develop its own search engine: Brave Search. For this, they have gone so far as to build their own web index, without going through an existing directory.

If you want more information about this browser like no other, don’t hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

What are Discussions?

With its values ​​in terms of privacy on its browser and search engine, Brave puts users at the center of its intentions. Their latest innovation is the “Discussions” feature. As we said in the preamble, it is about user-generated content that gets featured in search results to guide Internet users.

Overview of Discussions in search results on Brave Search
Overview of Discussions in search results on Brave Search

We already know that Brave Search used recommendations from its community to improve the ranking of pages in the SERPs. Who better than users to define what are the most relevant search results? Brave sees things this way and therefore pushes in this direction to innovate.

How Discussions Work

The various excerpts from discussions that you will be able to find in their search results come in particular from Reddit or StackExchange. We currently have no information regarding any other sources.

These Discussions can appear in different use cases. When the user makes a research around a product, a trip, news or more specific topics such as code and programming, we can see the Discussions emerging. What is certain is that these excerpts will appear especially on specific questionsin order to be truly relevant.

Then, Brave gave the different criteria for judging which excerpt should stand out on the search results page. To judge it more easily, they have set up a kind of score which grades the discussions, according to several points:

  • The freshness of the subject : the more recent the subject, the more points it scores in the eyes of Brave Search
  • The popularity of the subject on the forum
  • The “quality” of the conversation : the more the message creates engagement, responses or positive opinions, the more likely it is to stand out in the SERPs
  • The research quality score : is the message relevant to the user’s query?

Even if it is possible to improve this algorithm, especially around the decryption of the search intention, the promise is ambitious.

What prospects for the future?

Regarding Brave, it should be noted that despite the very promising features, the search engine remains to be improved. It must be said that by taking the side of depriving themselves of any algorithm that uses personal data and starting from 0 in terms of indexing, they did not make their task any easier.

In any case, this kind of initiative is a good point for users. The search results are enriched in order to provide a more relevant answer. Even if Brave Search does not have the influence of a Google or even a Bing on the search engine market, these are notable advances that can inspire more than one.

Google also seems to be working on a similar “What people are saying” feature that highlights user conversations on community sites in the SERPs. However, these are only supposed tests.

Anyway, if this kind of functionality becomes widespread, especially on Google, the results will be more relevant, but the competition will be tougher. It will therefore be necessary to take care of its presence on sites like Reddit to optimize its presence in the search results.

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