Bread for fright: truth or myth?

Bread For Fright

You’ve tried? Does it work for you? We have always believed that this ancient remedy is the most effective in a stressful situation. We reveal the truth behind the ‘scare bread’!

At some point in our lives, we have been so scared or impressed that there is no shortage of advice from our mother or grandmother that they recommend eating a ‘bolillo’ or any other piece of bread to avoid getting sick and recovering from «shock«.

But what exactly does the bobbin do? Is it good to eat it at such a time? Is it an urban legend or a remedy that really works?

Bread For Fright: Truth Or Myth?

When we get angry or scared, our body releases adrenaline; In addition, the stomach produces more gastric acids.

In the ancient medicinal traditions in Mexico, the Otomi used to cure the fright through sweat when preparing a mixture of alcohol and herbs.

However, it was believed that the bread was more effective since it helped decrease gastric secretion and balanced acid in the stomach, thus preventing cramps and pain after a strong impression.

This remedy became so popular that it passed from generation to generation to the present day, where there is always someone who uses a delicious piece of bread to recover from fear.

Does it really work?

Yes, but not to remove the scare, but only to settle the stomach. The bolillo, like any other solid food, can help relieve stomach upset and restore the stomach’s natural pH.

However, this delicious food does not have any “magic” ingredients that alleviate anxiety, stress, or altered levels caused by fear.

But we should not be discouraged, with fright or not, a piece of bread and delicious coffee are perfect any day and at any time, don’t you think?

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