Britney Spears’ boyfriend talks about his mysterious future plans, will there be a wedding?

Britney Spears' boyfriend talks about his mysterious future plans, will there be a wedding?

No one was betting on their relationship, but everything seems to indicate that the third is the expired one

When pop princess began a surprising romance in 2016 with a then unknown model named Sam Asghari, very few bet on their common future due to the age difference between them –Britney is 38 and he is 26– and to the turbulent personal life of the singer.

However, her attractive boyfriend has stayed by her side during some of her hardest moments in recent times, including your admission to a mental health clinic in early 2018, and at the same time it has become a kind of hybrid between personal motivator and coach.

The big question asked by many of the artist’s fans is if your idol will be encouraged to go through the altar with Sam that’s why the third one is defeated: Britney was married for just over two days with a childhood friend called Jason in 2004 and his marriage to Kevin Federline, father of their two children, lasted only a couple of years.

At that question, your boy prefers to be cautious, not closing any door to what the future may hold, but without going into details about their plans in this regard.

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“I think that is the ultimate goal in any relationship, Why keep one if you don’t think about it?“Sam has argued very cautiously in an interview with the magazine New Magazine.

Apart from the occasional public appearance and many photographs in Instagram, the couple has preferred to maintain their relationship away from the focus of media attention and Sam very much doubts that one day they will dare to show their daily routine, as the interpreter did at the time in reality ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’ who starred with her ex-husband.

“Probably not. Our social networks are already a reality show in itselfSam has admitted.

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