Britney Spears’ ex-husband joins the ‘Free Britney’ movement to demand her freedom

El exmarido de Britney Spears se une al movimiento ‘Free Britney’ para exigir su libertad

Unlike their marriage that only lasted three days, the love remained forever between them

This Wednesday the fans of Britney Spears organized a new protest outside the Los Angeles courthouse where a hearing was taking place to review the terms of the legal guardianship to which the singer has been subjected for a decade and study the possibility that his father Jamie does not resume his role as tutor.

Concentration had been summoned under the motto ‘Free Britney’ by a certain part of their fan base, who are convinced that their idol communicates in code with them through Instagram because it would be a kind of prisoner in her own home and would have been forced even to enter a psychiatric facility last year against his will.

This theory has now found a new supporter in the artist’s ex-husband. This is not about Kevin Federline, father of Britney’s two children, but about her old childhood friend Jason Alexander, with whom he starred in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas in 2004 that ended in divorce three days later.

Jason also went to court – although he did not go inside the building – and He was chatting with several of the ‘leaders’ of this movement to explain that that same Tuesday he had spoken by phone with the artist and she had confirmed that she would be fed up with living under the “control” of her father, because This would prevent you from regaining some financial independence.

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He wants to get his father out of the way in this whole matter of legal guardianship, there is no doubt ”, he assured another of the attendees of the event during an Instagram live.

That is more or less the message that the lawyers of the star have transmitted to the judge responsible for the case this week through documents submitted on their behalf, in which they request that their manager Jodi Montgomery continues to act as your permanent tutor after temporarily filling that role in 2019 due to Jamie’s health issues.


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