Britney Spears paid more than $ 1 million to her attorneys last year

Britney Spears pagó más de $1 millón a sus abogados el año pasado

The legal guardianship that was imposed on Britney Spears more than a decade ago, and that in practice he cedes control over his personal fortune or the important decisions of his life to third parties, it also implies that all his income and expenses are rigorously reflected in a series of legal documents to which You have now had access to The Blast portal.

These papers reveal that the pop princess paid $ 1,202,504.30 dollars to his team of advisers and attorneys throughout 2019. His own father, who served as his guardian until September 2019, received $ 128,000 for performing that same role until he resigned for health reasons to be temporarily replaced by the manager of singer.

Britney herself receives weekly pay that she can manage however she wishes and that was spent at stores like Target, Anthropologie, Walmart and Amazon. The aforementioned documents also reflect that it invested close to $ 1 million in home renovations -part of that money would undoubtedly be used to remodel the gym in his house that recently burned down- and that he dedicated other $ 90,000 dollars to take trips.

The defenders of the #FreeBritney movement, who consider that his last admission to a mental health clinic was not voluntary and that he would be controlled by his relatives so that they can continue to profit, base much of his theory precisely on the fact that the artist does not control his own money and therefore would not really be free to come and go wherever he wants.

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However, her father has insisted on several occasions that it is the Californian justice that decides what is the most appropriate for his famous daughter, and he would only limit himself to looking after her interests.


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