BTCPay wants to help you run a bitcoin node in 2022

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The team behind payment processor BTCPay revealed its plans for 2022, including helping more people and businesses around the world to run bitcoin (BTC) nodes at home. Its main mission is to allow anyone to accept cryptocurrency in a “flexible, easy and free” way, so the plans revolve around achieving a better user experience.

The payment processor that emerged in the ecosystem in 2017, presented to the community its roadmap outlined “about everything we want to do in the new year”. So based on it, highlights the design of a new user interface, as well as the development of a new mobile application.

They ensure that their efforts are focused on achieving “that people around the world can process payments with BTC, even regardless of the language they speak,” the team reported through a video in Youtube.

With its new interface, the BTC payment processor will offer information about the nodes that are linked to the stores. They also plan to incorporate better billing and refund flows.

Among the goals to be achieved by 2022, the team behind the bitcoin payment processor considers make it easier for your users to run nodes at home. This is already possible because they can run the BTCPay base server on a Raspberry Pi, but now, the development team will focus on removing the friction that prevents most from installing a node.

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“What we really want to do here is simplify the steps so you can connect it [el nodo de bitcoin]. In other words, connect your sd card to a rapsberry and the BTCPay implementer appears on the screen and then this wizard allows you to customize it and add tools that each person wants to use ”.


BTCPay wants to help you run a bitcoin node in 2022

Statement on YouTube from the BTC team about their plans for 2022.

Running a bitcoin node is one of the best alternatives out there for bitcoin users to protect their privacy by detaching itself from the intervention of third-party servers to validate its transactions.

BTCPay wants to help you run a bitcoin node in 2022
BTCPay will focus in 2022 on facilitating billing, running nodes at home and using the mobile application no matter where the user is. Fountain: YouTube BTCPay Server.

The BTCPay team will continue to integrate improvements

The development of a mobile application is also among the plans drawn up by the BTCPay team that provides bitcoin payment solutions for merchants. In itself, the project proposes that users can join the BTCPay server without the need to do so through the web server.

The solution will allow the registration of an account, the creation of a wallet and other functions, all within the same environment, without having to interact with the web server, another element that focuses on the protection of private data.

The objective of this application is to have a very simple interface, a wallet so that it can be integrated in each point of sale with bitcoin. With this app, BTCPay aims to reach physical retailers since online stores are using the web service.

Similarly, the development team of the payment processor with bitcoin ensures that it will continue working with the idea of ​​integrating a set of content management systems with Shopify to have better resources available to developers. This is because being an open source application, its software is available for anyone to use to add more personalized features for users.

As reported by CriptoNoticias in August of last year, the payment manager in bitcoin released its version 1.2.0. This update included more than 40 new features, including changes to the user interface, improvements to the cold wallet connection functions, and a new type of invoice that can be issued on the platform.

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