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A few days ago two new updates were released for iOS and macOS. These are the versions at number 15.3 and 12.2 respectively. On the program, as we have indicated in our columns, there is no big news to get your teeth into. Some fixes, security improvements and interface adjustments are on the program, however.

Despite a meager lot of major changes, Apple has still signed the performance to bring with these new OS some annoying bugs. Indeed, many users of macOS 12. and iOS 15.3 would be victims of new malfunctions.

iOS 15.3: Wallet affected

On iOS 15.3, the most widespread problem would affect the Wallet application (Maps in French): the synchronization of the cards would not be done correctly between iPhone running iOS 15.3 and Apple Watch running watchOS 8.4. Many testimonials report this bug on Reddit, but also in the forums of the Apple site. Note that the synchronization problem would be unilateral, it would affect the iPhone to watch link only. Any modification of the Wallet content made from the watch would be taken into account on the iPhone side.

According to the source, Apple is already at work to correct the situation.

macOS 12.2: Problematic Bluetooth

On the Mac side, under version 12.2 of the OS, the use of Bluetooth accessories would lead to a drastic reduction in autonomy. A Bluetooth-related process would be running in the background with the Mac in sleep state.

Machines with Intel chip and those with M1 chip would be affected, no one would be spared… Pending delivery of a patch, you can always disconnect your Bluetooth accessories from the Mac. Obviously, this manipulation, as impractical as it is, would serve to stop the bleeding effectively.

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Who among you is affected by one or the other of these two concerns?

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