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Burger King partners with Robinhood to reward its clients with Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin - DiarioBitcoin By Hannah perez

Members of the loyalty program Royal perks from Burger King in the United States will receive more than USD $ 2 million of cryptocurrencies in prizes. The show is produced in partnership with Robinhood.


Want your burger and fries combo next to Bitcoin or DOGE?

The fast food chain Burger King is partnering with popular investing app Robin Hood to offer your customers prizes in digital currencies.

As reported by various news media, as of this Monday, the members of the loyalty program Royal perks from Burger King in the United States will be rewarded with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Dogecoin (DOGE) when they spend more than USD $ 5 on the fast food app. The restaurant chain will give away more than $ 2 million in cryptocurrencies in a promotion that will last until November 21.

As such, Burger King will offer 20 bitcoins (USD $ 1.17 million), 200 ether (USD $ 800,000) and 2 million Dogecoin (USD $ 472,000) in rewards. Most users will receive the doggy cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, toapproximately one in 10,000 users will receive a ether and one in 100,000 will receive a full BTC.

According to the information, customers will receive an email with a code confirming the prize in cryptocurrency. Then, to claim it, they will need to have a Robinhood account.

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Prizes in Bitcoin, Ether and DOGE

The cryptocurrency rewards program will be carried out through Royal perks, a Burger King loyalty program that gives away “crowns”To its members for every dollar they spend on the food chain. Members can then redeem those crowns for fast food items.

On this occasion, Burger King has partnered with Robinhood, the financial services platform that offers crypto trading, to reward its members with digital currencies. The restaurant chain to give away full units of cryptocurrency to its loyal customers for the first time; possibly one of the largest promotions of its kind.

This means that some members will receive prizes of USD $ 61,000 – the current price of a Bitcoin-, a potentially larger sum tomorrow, if the asset continues to rise as it has in the past. An even higher percentage will be able to earn an ETH or USD $ 4,200, and those who earn neither BTC nor ETH will be guaranteed a DOGE, currently valued at USD $ 0.27.

Robinhood Crypto COO Christine Brown said in an interview to Decrypt that platform had decided to partner with Burger King because of the spirit “fun and playfulFrom the food brand. He added that, similar to Robinhood, the hamburger giant “leans towards meme culture“.

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Likewise, Brown highlighted that Robinhood is seeing the promotion as an opportunity to get a broader segment of the population to interact with cryptocurrencies, including those who would not otherwise be familiar with or intimidated by such technology. As part of the initiative, Burger King published an advertising and educational video about cryptocurrencies.

Burger King and Robinhood

Robinhood Crypto, the cryptocurrency arm of the popular trading app, saw a major spike in earnings earlier in the year due to the trading explosion of Dogecoin.

However, the trend appears to have seen a decline in recent months. According to a recent report from Robin Hood, cryptocurrency trading has slowed on the platform over the last quarter relative to the prior quarter, causing revenue to drop 78%.

The latest promotion in Alliance with Burger King could help the finance company to increase its income again as it invites new users to open accounts and interact with the platform.

For its part, on the Burger King side, this is not the first time that one of the global headquarters of the fast food chain has ventured into the digital currency space. The Brazilian headquarters of the hamburger chain this year showed interest in crypto after including DOGE for the payment of its pet food. Burger King’s headquarters in Germany and Venezuela have also adopted crypto payments.

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It should be noted that users in the United States have the option of participating in the promotion without paying for any product, due to local law. As pointed out Decrypt, those who want to participate in the promotion without buying anything can do so by sending an entry by old postal mail to Burger King. The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 anywhere in the US except Hawaii, Nevada or Arkansas.

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