Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google

Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google

Looking to gain immediate visibility on the Web ? Among the various short-term business acquisition levers,buying keywords on search engines like Google is very often privileged. Instant return on investment, very precise targeting, real-time budget and acquisition cost management are just some of the many reasons behind the success of paid search and sponsored link buying. Optimize your Google Ads campaign helps reduce the cost of each visit. 1ère Position, a certified Google Ads agency, supports companies of all sizes and in all sectors in the process of buying keywords on Google!

What is keyword buying?

Buying keywords allows an advertiser to appear on a search results page, via an auction system. Obtaining a commercial link in the best positions represents a unique opportunity to be visible and to generate qualified traffic. Most of the time the purchase of keywords triggers an invoicing with each click on a link: it is the CPC (cost per click). It is a very effective lever in a digital strategy: it is the best way to generate traffic in a few clicks and to follow your expenses. The keyword purchase is available on many search engines: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo !, but also Amazon or Leboncoin.

However, we speak more often of commercial, paid referencing or SEA links (Search Engine Advertising) than buying keywords.

How does keyword buying work?

It is relatively easy to initiate a sponsored link buying campaign on Google. After creating a free account on Google Ads, it is possible to create a campaign. It will be necessary to specify the location, the budget and the maximum bid for each keyword. This ad will be written by you with a title (equivalent to meta Title) and a short description (meta description). She must be incentive to attract Internet users. Once the campaign is launched, the ads will run and show in Google results if the bid is high enough and the quality of the ad is good enough (quality score).

What is the quality score? the Quality Score refers to the quality score of a Google ad. Among the criteria to assess the quality of the ad, we find:

  • the strong link between the ad and the content of the landing page
  • the expected click-through rate
  • the relevance of the ad
  • Google Ads performance history
  • the usability of the landing page

A good ad quality reduces the CPC of a campaign, it is a determining factor.

Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google

Why buy keywords on Google?

“Supply and demand” is a concept that applies perfectly to the keyword buying industry. The auction system of search engines, like Google Ads or Bing Ads, serves the links with the biggest budgets. While some uncompetitive queries are accessible at just pennies for each click, other keywords are more strategic for advertisers who need to spend several tens of euros for each click. So, is it still worth buying keywords at $ 30 per click ?!

Buying keywords is no different from other ad spending, it should be in relation to the conversion rate and the gains compared to the efforts made. Investing in SEA can boost the number of prospects dramatically for various reasons:

  • Optimize your return on investment
  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Compensate for a failing SEO strategy
  • Increase the visibility of a site
  • Testing the potential of a keyword

1. Optimize your return on investment

Finally, paid search is simple: if your ad is more attractive and at the best price, it will be visible on search engines. This is an important difference compared to natural referencing, the results of which can absolutely not be guaranteed by an agency, an SEO expert or a consultant. You always get what you want if you find the right keywords at the best price.

2. Generate qualified traffic

The number of visitors to a site is not its success. Indeed, the quantity of visitors is often useless if the quality is not there. The goal is to have a site that attracts prospects who can be turned into customers. Thus, the SEA is positioned at the right time in the purchasing process. Entering a query on a search engine proves a active search for a need, product or service. The relevance of the traffic is accompanied by a better profitability of SEA campaigns.

Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google

3. Compensate for a failing SEO strategy

You can’t seem to go to the first page of Google ? Have you lost positions in a few weeks or months? Are you unable to position yourself on the most promising requests? It can be difficult to wait for the results of SEO optimizations without getting traffic in the meantime. Buying keywords seems like an opportunity to compensate for poor organic positioning of your site.

4. Increase visibility at a key time

Even sites that rank well in organic results have an interest in purchasing keywords. Indeed, some Internet users stop at the first results: the paid results. They are almost 30% in this case. Everyone will obviously understand the value of advertising in order to capture this large audience. This is particularly the case during peaks of activity or strategic periods. A florist positioned all year round on “home flower delivery” cannot do without 30% of the traffic generated during Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day… Only one solution: bid on this keyword with very high potential !

Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google
Interflora is bidding on strategic keywords despite its first organic position.

5. Test the conversion potential of a keyword

What if buying keywords is also good for SEO? It is not always easy to understand the search intent and detect the relevance of one keyword over another. Create a paid SEO campaign on the keywords to test, rather than spending energy and resources positioning yourself on a keyword without being sure of its potential. If they are business generators, you can integrate these keywords into your SEO strategy!

How do you know how much a keyword costs on Google?

Buy keywords on the 1st page of Google

One of the main questions before embarking on buying keywords on Google is the cost of this operation. The price of a keyword is set by the market: different variables and trends can influence the cost of a click up or down. Rest assured, we do not embark on a Google Ads campaign without knowing how much it will cost. You set a maximum CPC not to be exceeded.

The cost of a keyword on Google varies depending on:

  • the target (purchasing power, etc.)
  • conversion potential
  • the search volume (a low volume automatically leads to an increase in prices)
  • the area of ​​the activity
  • the number of advertisers
  • the quality of the advertisement
  • and many others

To help advertisers and agencies set the right price and manage their SEA budget well, Google provides through Google Ads and the Keyword Planner the number of monthly searches as well as a price range per CPC (estimate low and high estimate) and queries associated with a keyword.

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