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Buying a Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever | Motorcycles


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Harley-Davidson is one of the brands most aspirational in the motorcycle sector. Their products passionate about many users, as much as its high price It is often a stumbling block to owning one of those legendary machines. Now, facing the reopening of its dealers which will begin, predictably, in much of the country the next May 11, the milwaukee company wants to put easier than ever bikers access to almost its entire range.

Harley-Davidson Spain launches a financial offer that she is very attractive for those interested in family models Street, Sportster and Softail (only the upper range Touring is out of the promotion). The proposal is based on an operation without any input and one 36-month financing under advantageous conditions, both for opening the credit and for the corresponding interest.

Once that three year period, customer can choose to three options To satisfy the remaining amount in the operation: deliver the bike as a ticket for its renewal by another model with an assured future value, return it (according to the conditions of the contract, in which the motorcycle is delivered at zero value) or definitely buy it paying the last installment (cash or refinancing it with a bank, particularly the customer or with the service offered by its dealers).

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With these such special conditions it is possible, for example, to access a Sportster Iron 1200 for 174.16 euros per month (final fee of 5,740 euros), one Softail Street Bob for 240, 45 euros per month (final settlement of 7,925 euros) or one Softail Fat Bob for 292.79 euros in each of the 36 months contracted (final fee of 9,650 euros).

They are just some examples of the available models in the promotion, which will be in force in all national dealerships (except in the Canary Islands) until the next June 30th. All the details are available on the brand’s website, which also now offers free home delivery for those buyers who decide not to go to the dealer to pick up your new Harley (Consult the distributors that have this service).


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- Advertisement -Buying a Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever |  MotorcyclesBuying a Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever |  Motorcycles

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- Advertisement -Buying a Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever |  MotorcyclesBuying a Harley-Davidson is now easier than ever |  Motorcycles

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