Buying followers, does it work or not?

Acheter des followers, ça marche ou pas ?

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform has around 500 million monthly active users. Who wouldn’t want to reach such a large audience? Celebrities, politicians and other public figures have lots of followers on social media, but that’s not all. According to a report, many leading politicians have resorted to buying subscribers. Indeed, it is important to note that famous accounts very often use the purchase of followers on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. So why not you ?

In addition, we know how difficult it is to gain subscribers naturally on an ultra-competitive platform like Instagram. It can be hard to resist a shortcut. But why buy followers and is it worth it? Get the answers to your question in this article.

Social networks: why buy followers?

Everyone wants to be popular on social media. Your content might be good, but won’t it look better if it gets 10,000 likes? Whether you are an influencer who wants draw attention to your content or a rising brand that wants more leads, popularity metrics like number of followers are important. The result ? There are more and more profiles who decide to buy likes, followers and views in order to gain popularity.

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On the other hand, buying subscribers has resulted in nearly 150 million fake accounts only on Instagram. Influencers are particularly sensitive to this problem. As the number of followers allows influencers to seduce brands, they are tempted to resort to shady methods like buying fake accounts and this can be very damaging.

Today it is possible to buy real followers, likes and views with active and 100% real accounts. Indeed, there are platforms that offer this type of service to individuals, companies and public figures in order to boost their visibility and succeed in standing out from the crowd.


Having many followers: what are the advantages?

Social networks are more accessible than ever in our time. Almost everyone has an account on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. If for some it is a way to stay in touch with the world, for others it is a good way to pass the time. So you can also spend your time on apps like Instagram. And make it a productive activity, especially if you have a lot of subscribers.

Gain more followers on social networks

Once you have accumulated a significant number of followers, you become more visible. Your profile will be visible to the subscribers of your subscribers. It will help you get more followers. Also, once you reach a certain number of subscribers, your posts will start showing up in Instagram’s “Explore” page. And that’s the kind of notoriety that users are looking for through Instagram.

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Get more clicks on their website

In the biography part of Instagram there is a section where you can add the link of your website. When you have a lot of followers, people are interested in your business. This will encourage them to click on the link and follow it, which will lead them to your website. This is another way to ensure that your business is favorably influenced by the number of Instagram followers.

Improve your notoriety on social networks

Social networks are used to gain as much notoriety as possible. When many people like you and show their interest in you, it definitely makes you happier. And fame also has its own perks. The people around you, like your friends, will have a better image of you and you will have a good reputation. Fame attracts more opportunities.

For a business account, you can get more clients. The reason people open a business account on Instagram is to grow their business. A business only thrives on a social media platform if many users are viewing your services and products.

If you have many subscribers, it will increase the number of potential users who will be able to discover your business. If you can attract new customers, your credibility will be affected. Your customers and prospects will see that your business is more and more popular, which will allow you to gain their trust more. A significant asset for professionals!

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buy folowers

Purchases of fake accounts: what penalties?

In November 2018, the Instagram network announced that it would take measures against non-genuine activities on its platform in order to maintain its values ​​and credibility. Moderators began to remove likes, followers and comments suspected of coming from fake accounts, such as those purchased on third-party applications.

Using advanced tools, Instagram identifies fake accounts and sends them an in-app alert letting them know their fake engagement has been spotted. Platform officials said many users with high subscribers or high engagement rates are being watched closely. And Instagram isn’t the only platform that takes an interest in these suspicious activities and fake accounts that can mislead users.

Also be aware that if you persist in buying Followers that turn out to be fake accounts, you may expose yourself to consequences such as blocking your account, because this practice violates the guidelines and terms of use of the platform.

On the other hand, having fake accounts as followers will ultimately undermine you. Indeed, this will help you get early engagement, but that will decrease quickly since fake accounts will not interact with you when you post. In other words, it’s a wasteful investment that, in addition to earning you nothing, can expose you to penalties.

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