By 2023, the end of the Lightning plug would be recorded


L’Europe is currently eyeing a change that could drastically impact Apple’s business. A text aims to make the installation of universal sockets on consumer mobiles mandatory. However, the iPhone is currently the world number one in the field (according to certain parameters) but it is also one of the few to still rely on a proprietary card: the Lightning.

This one is however strong in disadvantages, as the users regularly underline it. Many complain, for example, of having to invest in several different cable models in order to charge all their devices. Which is also not very desirable for the planet, because a source of more waste long-term.

For iPhone 14

Even before the release of the iPhone 12, however, several rumors predicted that Apple was going to get up to speed by definitively opting for USB-C on its mobiles, instead of Lightning. As you surely know, nothing will happen in the end, not even with the iPhone 13s that arrived last September. But the idea is still in the cards, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

The famous Taiwanese analyst thus estimates that Apple will change connectors as soon asnext year. Nothing very surprising so far, since the researcher had already mentioned the same subject in the past. However, it is possible that Cupertino is also thinking about a device without any plug, and equipped only with equipment compatible with wireless charging.

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Regulators in the viewfinder

By switching to USB-C on the iPhone, Apple would at the same time be giving reason to the European Commission, which has already voted for the disappearance of the Lightning port. Worried by the same environmental issues, the organization also takes the opportunity to limit the hegemony of the Apple in the same way as with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to come.

On the other hand, it would be very surprising to see Tim Cook’s lobbyists bow to the laws of the Old Continent, when we know how fines of several tens of millions of euros are justly paid to avoid losing face. But with Macs and iPads already equipped with sockets USB-Cthe way is open…

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