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Cabbage soup recipe for quick weight loss


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Cabbage soup is one of the most iconic dishes for weight loss, it is low in calories, rich in nutrients and fiber. Great anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties are attributed to it

Food can be the best or worst ally when it comes to losing weight and today it is one of the most fundamental aspects in a good health and of course an optimal body weight. The truth is that there are foods that promote weight loss with great effectiveness, most of them stand out for their high content in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and of course fiber. At the same time, they are foods that are characterized by being low in calories and with high water content, without a doubt the cabbage It’s one of the favorite vegetables when it comes to losing weight.

One of the most iconic recipes to lose weight is cabbage soup, which is popular for its benefits to promote fat burning. The cabbage is one of the most common cabbage varieties, is characterized by its round shape and pale green color, it is a vegetable whose consumption focuses on the cold months, that is, from autumn to winter. It is a food with great advantages, among which is great versatility in the kitchen and his extraordinary nutritional value.

The cabbage It is characterized by being a very low-calorie vegetable this is because near the 92% of its composition is water and it stands out for its content in vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants, that is why it is also a great ally for strengthening the immune system. It is valued for its no contribution in fats and carbohydrates that is why it is part of the most recommended ingredients in various weight loss plans. Another factor that positively influences its powerful weight loss effect is due to its great contribution in fiber that intervenes speeding up intestinal transit and facilitates waste disposal.

On the other hand, consuming this soup is a good way to keep the body well hydrated and improve the digestive process. its satiating power also intervenes in weight control and decreased anxiety about eating, at the same time it is a soup to which great cleansing and detoxifying benefits. Best of all, it is a very accessible dish, it is cheap and generous, which provides nutrition to another level of the body. Know the recipe to learn how to prepare it at home and make it a primary part of your Feeding Habits, consume it as a complement to a balanced diet is a great ally for a healthy weight and gain health.

Fat Burning Cabbage Soup Recipe:

Ingredients, for two portions of soup:

  • 1 bunch of chives or chives
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 150 grams of cabbage
  • 2 large celery sticks
  • 1 tomato
  • 420 ml of water
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation mode:

  1. Wash and disinfect vegetables well before use.
  2. Julienne the chives, remove the skin from the garlic clove, chop the celery into slices and the tomato in small cubes and without skin. Chop the cabbage into very thin julienne strips.
  3. In a large saucepan, add the olive oil, the spring onion, and the whole garlic. Add a little salt and allow them to brown for three minutes.
  4. Then add the celery and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the tomato and cook for a few minutes until softened, add a touch of salt.
  5. Add the cabbage and mix well all the ingredients allowing them to release their flavors. Cook all the vegetables for 5 minutes and cover with the water.
  6. Allow it to release the first boil and lower the heat, it will be ready when the cabbage is very soft. Finish with a touch of extra salt and pepper.


Cabbage soup is very low in calories, it is recommended to consume two to three bowls per day, although it can be freely consumed throughout the day. You can integrate it as food entry and complement a salad and a portion of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, or seafood. Is an extraordinary option for light dining, it is warm, satiating, and most comforting, it is good for stimulates digestion at night.

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