Call to strike at Apple, customers ordered not to buy

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Apple Together, a Twitter account openly supporting the movement #AppleToo, has just shared a new message urging Apple employees to strike today. Indeed, even if many of them have taken time off for the holidays, others are also in store for last-minute gifts.

The post also invites consumers to do not go to the store, which could possibly sign a negative impact on December sales for Apple. Remember, however, that the firm achieves most of its turnover online, whether through its own platform or through third-party players such as Fnac, Boulanger, Cdiscount or even Amazon in France.


What dissatisfied employees want is quite clear: it is above all a question of making an impression in favor of a more “working environment”.respectful“, Ofpaid sick leave and better mental health care. In recent months, it has indeed been revealed that some teammates are struggling to cope with the pressure, with one of them even ending his life following a conflict with his superiors.

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Pay inequality, too, continues to be debated. It had in fact been revealed a little earlier that some discrimination remained even though Apple’s public policy in favor of diversity is displayed on numerous communication media. Considered as a whistleblower in this regard, the developer Dear Scarlett had moreover been thanked. She has since relayed the call to strike.

What the Glassdoor reviews are saying

On a global scale, despite everything, it seems that life is relatively good at Cupertino. Apple thus obtains the honorable score of 4.4 / 5 on Glassdoor, a platform that references the opinions of current and past employees. In particular, we can read that 89% of those concerned approve of the CEO (Tim Cook, therefore) while more than eight in ten people recommend the company to a friend.

Have you ever worked at Apple? Do not hesitate to give us your own feedback in the comments if this is the case.

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