Camilo and Evaluna show the disgusting moment that Indigo made them go through

Camilo and Evaluna show the disgusting moment that Indigo made them go through

Camilo and Evaluna show the disgusting moment that Indigo made them go through

One of the couples of the moment is undoubtedly the one starring Camilo Y Evaluate Montaner, who have made it known that not everything is hunky-dory when raising their little Indigo. They recently shared a photo that could be interpreted as the “worst” thing that has happened to them as parents.

A few months after the birth of his first-born, Camilo began his tour “From the inside to the outside”, but he did not do it alone, since he took his wife and daughter with him. The interpreter of “Pegao” started his tour in Mexico, a country in which he could not finish his presentations because he was infected with Covid-19. Currently, he is visiting European nations, so he shared a series of photos from his days on that continent.

Ricardo Montaner’s son-in-law uploaded some images of his days off to his Instagram account, which he spends with his family. Nevertheless, One of the photos that attracted the most attention was the last one, since it has caused grace and disgust to its more than 27. 4 million followers on the platformbecause they are supposedly the waste of Indigo.

“The last photo is the summary of what it is like to go on tour being parents“, placed in the description of the post next to an emoji of “popo” the Colombian singer, and that is that In the image you can see Evaluna sitting in an armchair apparently distressed because her daughter’s diaper did not last and some of her waste ended up on her feet, on the furniture and even on the floor.

This situation sparked various comments from his fans that can be read in the publication in which the artist tagged Evalunaso the fans of both were able to interact and leave their messages, in which they also praised the beautiful family and the beautiful couple they make.

Evaluna and Camilo were married on February 8, 2020, after five years of relationship. Just a year later they announced that they were expecting their first baby.which would receive the name of Indigo, and it was until the month of April that Ricardo Montaner’s little granddaughter was born.

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