Camp Vibes hiking box test

Camp Vibes hiking box test

For several years now, it will not have escaped your notice that the fashionable gift is THE BOX. You know, it’s small boxes to which you subscribe to receive surprises every month on a dedicated theme. It is practical to offer, it avoids get bored to look for a gift that is too complicated, and it is often very nice to receive because these boxes often contain lots of little surprises. And so when I found out that Camp Vibes offered a box dedicated to hiking I couldn’t resist trying it!

Here is my feedback on the Camp Vibes hiking box.

This article was written in partnership with Camp Vibes, however I am entirely free to speak my words and this article reflects my opinion in a transparent manner.

Contents of the Camp Vibes hiking box

At the reception, very pleasant surprise by discovering a simple cardboard packaging printed with the name of the Camp Vibes box. No superfluous plastic packaging, it’s sober, it’s simple, in the nature spirit that accompanies the trek and the hike, very good point. By opening, I quickly see that the box is well filled and therefore its size is well suited to the container. Once again, concerned about waste, I appreciate the effort.

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Let’s come to the most interesting, the contents of the box.

Mosquito repellent and soothing cream

Brand: Five out of Five
Price: 9.50 €

The mosquito. The bane of hikers and campers. We all knew that moment when, on the verge of falling asleep when you thought you had taken every precaution to leave no opening in your tent that would have allowed the smallest mosquito to enter your room, you hear the horrible zouzounement in your ears. At this moment, you often hesitate between the fierce fight that you are not even sure to win, or the maximum bundling in the down, even in 35 ° C while cursing yourself over several generations for not having thought of the mosquito repellent.

So as much to tell you that the mosquito repellent in a box, I validate. The only point of shadow that I would point out would be the size of the flask, a little big for several days of treks, as well as the chemical composition of the product. On the other hand, the cream is really great, it’s not the space or the weight that it takes and that immediately makes life more pleasant.

Pair of hiking socks

Brand: RYWAN (French company)
Price: 17.99 €

camp vibes hiking box test

Whoever goes for a hike without a sock raises his or her hand?

Apart from the brave in sandals, no one can deny the usefulness of the pair of socks when hiking. For my part, after shoes, it is clearly the second accessory to which I pay the most attention in order to be comfortable while walking.

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The Camp Vibes hiking box socks are very thin and very light. Comfortable to wear, they are designed to cover 2000km before the appearance of holes.

Although very interesting on paper, only intensive use will allow me to judge the quality.

Moisture absorbers for shoes

Brand: SIDAS (French company)
Price: 14.95 €

camp vibes hiking box test

After mosquitoes, the hiker’s second plague is stinky feet / shoes. It’s not glamorous, but it’s reality. I am sure that behind your screen you remember THAT night, the very one when you had to tuck your shoes into your tent to avoid the dew or the rain and that you thought you died intoxicated by your smell.

So when I discover moisture absorbers in the Camp Vibes box, I say yes yes yes! Thanks to its 100% natural cedar wood composition, drying is 4x faster than in the open. And frankly just by opening the bag, the smell is super pleasant!

Admittedly, this will not solve my problems during treks because I do not think I burden myself with these absorbers, but for day hikes it’s really perfect.

Snack – Vegan protein balls

Brand: STC nutrition (French company)
Price: 3.90 €

camp vibes hiking box test

Developed by INELDEA Laboratories, these protein snacks composed only of natural ingredients are perfect for snacking during a hike or trek.

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The greedy that I am could not resist the urge to taste it before a hike, and the green is without appeal, it is very good and it holds well.

Multi-function “cliff” carabiner

Brand: Baladéo
Price: 19.90 €

camp vibes hiking box test

Whether it’s to hang up your tent, your mattress or like me to dry my t-shirts, you always need a carabiner on your hiking bag. It doesn’t take up space, it doesn’t eat up my bread and it’s super practical. So, when in addition this carabiner is equipped with a knife, a mini-saw, a screwdriver bit and a bottle opener, it’s bingo!

My opinion on the Camp Vibes box

In conclusion, for a first box test, I really liked this hiking box offered by Camp Vibes. I was particularly pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products, far from certain “cheap” gadgets that can be found in other boxes. The price of the box, 28 €, is also very interesting considering the products.

As a hiker, it is a gift that I would be very happy to receive if given to me.

And you, what do you think of this new Camp Vibes hiking box? If you want to try it or if you want to give it away, you will find all the subscription details and prices on the Camp Vibes box site.

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