Can bread lead to damage to the pancreas?

In recent years there has been much controversy regarding the consumption of carbohydrates. It has been mentioned that they are not good for health.

Really like any food, consuming too much of it can have health repercussions, especially foods high in carbohydrates and sugar.

There is speculation that high-carbohydrate foods like bread may have negative effects on the pancreas, but there really aren’t any extensive studies to support this theory.

What is the pancreas?

So let’s talk about the facts, starting with defining what the pancreas is. The pancreas is an organ of the digestive system, it is in charge of generating the enzymes that process the nutrients of the food, in addition to regulating different functions of the body.

Among the best known functions of the pancreas is regulating the sugar that is ingested directly and also that found in different foods, this is carried out through insulin.


One of the most common diseases of the pancreas is pancreatitis. This disease is caused by inflammation of the pancreas because the enzymes it produces to digest food are released too quickly and damage the pancreas from the inside.

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  • What can you do to reduce the risk of pancreatitis?

When suffering from this condition, it is advisable to have a diet based on fruits and vegetables and avoid carbohydrates such as sugar, refined flour and products made with them such as bread.


Diabetes is probably the most well-known disease associated with the pancreas. A study in Australia that took 4 years found that in 36,000 men and women who participated, white bread was the food most associated with the incidence of diabetes.

The results were based on the incidence of diabetes and consumption frequency questionnaires that were applied periodically to the participants.

There are foods like white bread, cakes, cookies that are high on the glycemic index and raise blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons why it is much more advisable to eat whole grain or brown bread and not white bread.

healthy dietary changes

Substituting white bread for whole grain bread with a lower glycemic index can help reduce diabetes risk, as can cutting back on sugar and eating more foods like vegetables, among other practices.

This coupled with a more active lifestyle that involves exercise or daily walks, among other measures such as staying at the right weight.

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Remember that a balanced diet is your best ally to prevent many diseases.

Foods with plant-based protein such as legumes (legumes such as beans, broad beans, lentils, among others), nuts and seeds,

As well as foods with animal protein such as fish and lean meats are good options to include in your diet along with vegetables and whole grains.

Many times drastic changes in diet can be difficult, so you can start by doing something less significant like changing the type of bread you eat and selecting one made with whole grains (integral) and without added sugar and later improve your diet and include Gradually healthier habits.

Just like maintaining a healthy weight and taking daily walks or exercise, you can help reduce your risk of certain serious diseases later in life.

Source: Mayo Clinic, National Pancreas Foundation.

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