Can coffee cause fatigue, headaches and high blood pressure?

For many, it is vitally important to start the day with at least one cup of coffee. Due to its great benefits and mainly because it is stimulating and associated with feeling a boost of energy and vigor, coffee is one of the favorite allies to start the day for many people around the world.

Despite its high popularity, there are also people who have a certain reservation about it, since its consumption can cause them some discomfort that it is preferable to avoid.

Can coffee cause or cure a momentary discomfort?

Maybe you have ever felt a headache after having one or more cups of coffee, or you could also have felt relief after having consumed it, how can this be?

It turns out that coffee can promote both cases depending on the person and their habits.

In the first case, coffee helps to cure a headache and the like because caffeine has vasoconstrictor properties.

This causes the blood vessels in the brain to become narrower and therefore blood flow decreases; On the other hand, headaches and migraines tend to increase the pressure in the blood vessels near the nerves, thus giving the sensation of pain.

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Discomfort associated with coffee consumption

On the other hand, it has been seen that coffee can cause this kind of discomfort due to certain factors such as:

-A high dose of caffeine.

Different varieties of coffee can have different levels of caffeine, however, consuming approximately 400 mg of caffeine or 4 cups of coffee per day can cause an overdose for some people, depending on their resistance and tolerance.

It is estimated that a cup of coffee can provide up to 110 mg of caffeine, an 11 fl oz (330 ml) cola drink up to 40 mg of caffeine.

-A possible dehydration due to its diuretic quality.

-Caffeine withdrawal.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker and suddenly stop, you may experience headaches and similar ailments.

This is because your body has become accustomed to the effect that caffeine has on the blood vessels that surround the brain, by removing this effect, the vessels will re-expand their blood flow and discomfort is generated as a result.

Identify how you feel when you consume coffee.
Ideally, you can analyze how coffee consumption impacts you and how you can use it favorably.

Likewise, observe how you feel in relation to the amount and the moment in which you drink it, in this way you will be able to assign the adequate amount of coffee for your consumption.

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If you recognize the way in which coffee acts on you, this can be an excellent ally when consumed in moderation.

Source: Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic.

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