Can iPhone 12 Really Disable Pacemakers?

coque iPhone 12/12 Pro et MagSafe

This announcement, from a study published this week in Heart Rhythm, isn’t going to publicize the apple brand very well. And yet the latest models from Apple could effectively deactivate Pacemakers. Specifically, it is devices containing a built-in defibrillator that would be affected by the iPhone 12 (and the other models in this fall’s lineup).

The main reason for this problem is, according to the study, the MagSafe. Apple’s new wireless charger has arrived with a strong magnet on the back of the phone. And if the power of the MagSafe magnets was pointed out when the first models of the charging base were released, those within the iPhone 12 are also to be taken seriously, say the researchers.

With its powerful magnetic charge, the MagSafe could indeed disrupt and “inhibit” the functionality of a Pacemaker if the two objects are too close. Even so, the study reassures people with heart problems that having an iPhone 12 in your pants pocket or in your hand is not going to cause problems with the cardiac defibrillator.

Keep good distances of use

The study is very clear, the iPhone must be placed as close as possible to the Pacemaker, in the pockets at heart level for example, to present a real danger. This pose should also be quite long, if you drop your iPhone a few seconds there, it should not have too big of consequences. Doctors generally consider that it takes about ten minutes for the defibrillator to be disturbed by a magnetic disturbance, but this figure is by no means an absolute value.

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Still according to the study, many magnetic devices are present today in our close environment and it is necessary to monitor their disruptive activity for defibrillators. If you have a Pacemaker and you have the slightest doubt about how it works, you can go to your cardiologist who should reassure you in a few minutes.

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