Can the semiconductor shortage affect the iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 Pro Max démontage

While in this extremely complicated year, Apple has always been able to do well to keep more than positive results, reality could catch up with the Apple brand in the coming weeks.

Indeed, for several days, the whole world has been the victim of a shortage of semiconductors, essential elements in the manufacture of many products ranging from smartphones to today’s cars.

The automotive sector was the first to be affected by this shortage and several factories are now at a standstill, or at idle, for lack of these parts. Experts estimate that the losses due to this absence of semiconductors amount to more than 61 billion dollars for the automotive market. A monstrous figure which shows the importance of this problem for the High Tech companies which are next on the list.

Indeed, if Apple has always known, since the beginning of this crisis, to negotiate the right places with its suppliers so as not to be in shortage of semiconductors, the Apple brand risks suffering the same fate as its colleagues in the automotive industry, the pandemic shutting down many of the existing semiconductor factories.

How to explain this shortage?

Bloomberg experts believe in their latest report that the first elements that tend to create this shortage took place as early as spring 2020, at the height of the crisis in China, but with the situation worsening around the world, demand has it also fell drastically, so that the world does not realize this first shortage.

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Since then, demand has picked up, and production has managed to maintain a certain pace to avoid the shortage, even if the iPhone 12 Pro encountered some problems with its LiDAR sensor whose production took longer than expected, but overall the deadlines were met.

In recent weeks, the health situation worsening with the arrival of new variants of the virus, the production of parts such as semiconductors has been directly impacted, and the shortage, which the world had managed to avoid until then, has ended up happening.

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