Can we suffer hair loss after suffering from COVID-19?

¿Podemos sufrir caída del cabello luego de padecer COVID-19?

He Covid-19 It has been in the population for a short time, so we do not know everything there is to know about it, including its consequences. In this sense, it is worth asking whether fall of hair It is one of the consequences that the disease can have on those infected.

Hair loss as a sequel to Covid-19?

According to Adriana Terán in an article for Yahoo! Life and Style, indicates that one of the most disturbing sequels of Covid-19 is the Hair loss that, despite not having data to support it, it would have been manifested by many people who overcame the disease.

A survey of more than 1,500 people in a Facebook group called Survivor Corp found 27% of people who claimed to suffer hair loss after suffering the disease.

According to Oscar Muñoz, trichologist at the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, hair loss has manifested itself two to three months after having overcome the disease, both in men and women, the latter being the ones who bear the worst part.

Telogen effluvium

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Oscar Muñoz affirms that he hopes that this hair loss is a temporary loss caused by the telogen effluvium since this would mean that hair can grow back normally over time.

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If the hair loss is due to telogen effluvium, a person infected with Covid-19 could restore their normal hair level if reduces your stress level, which is much easier if the patient recognizes that their hair will return in due time.

As hopeful as the above is, more studies are needed to confirm that telogen effluvium is the cause behind hair loss.

Since we don’t know much about Covid-19, It is important that we follow the instructions of the health authorities to avoid contagion, which will help us protect not only our health, but also that of our environment.

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