Can you catch coronavirus 2 or more times?

¿Puedes contagiarte 2 o más veces de coronavirus?

Why can a person test positive in different weeks?

Although we have been suffering for several months from the coronavirus, There are still many questions to resolve regarding the so-called covid-19. One of those questions that go through the head of many is to know if it is possible to get this virus 2 or more times.

Many scientists are still working to be able to give an accurate answer, and although there is still work to be done to answer it, what is true is that most agree that It is unlikely.

Some research shows that those who have already suffered from coronaviruses develop a type of immunity that would protect them from a second infection; however, what is not known is how much protection is and how long it lasts.

To explain this, people who have recovered after a few weeks have tested positive have been given as an example. This may be due, more than anything, to false positives or remnants of the virus that was detected the first time.

Also, scientists say there have been no documented samples of a patient spreading the virus to others after testing positive again.

With similar viruses, studies have shown that the population can re-infect itself between 3 months and a year after the first infection. At the moment it is too early to know if this is also a possibility with coronavirus.

A small US study published last week also found that antibodies to the coronavirus could last as little as a few months in people who had mild symptoms of COVID-19, suggesting they could get it again. But antibodies are not the only defense against a virus, and other parts of the immune system may help provide protection.


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