Can you imagine living in a mansion that looks like a hotel? John Travolta has one and he’s selling it

¿Te imaginas vivir en una mansión que parezca hotel? John Travolta tiene una y la está vendiendo

John Travolta is looking for a new owner for the mansion he bought 30 years ago.

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Do you want to live in a hotel that is actually a mansion? John Travolta sells you his house

The actor John Travolta, who turned 67 on February 18, decided to celebrate his arrival at his new age with the sale of his imposing mansion in Maine, which could easily house a hotel due to its size.

The house is located on the exclusive island of Islesboro, in Waldo County, making it a very short distance from the Sabbathday Bay.

The sale of the property, built in 1903, was announced by the Internet portal TMZ, where it is mentioned that the singer is also asking $ 5 million.

John Travolta
This is what John Travolta’s mansion in Maine looks like on the outside (The Grosby Group)

The residence was acquired by the protagonist of ‘Grease’ and his late wife, Kelly preston, in 1991.

The property, which is priced well below average celebrity mansions, is quite attractive in size for investors, being built on land of 48 acres.

The house is three floors, has an extension of 10,830 square feet and is equipped with 20 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

Fourteen of the bedrooms and four of the bathrooms are located on the second floor, so there is one bathroom for every three bedrooms, which is one of its main negative points.

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John Travolta bedroom
This is what one of the 20 bedrooms that the house has looks like. (The Grosby Group)

The third floor was converted into ‘Fantasyland’, a kind of games room, which is made up of a classroom, a library, a theater stage, a dining room and four themed bedrooms, among which the Peter Pan one stands out. and one of princesses.

It also has a lobby, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, bar, among other rooms.

Kitchen room
This is what the kitchen of the mansion looks like (The Grosby Group)

The exterior has a swimming pool, extensive green areas surrounded by tall and lush trees, as well as a pier with departure to Sabbathday Bay.

This is the dock of John Travolta’s house (The Grosby Group)

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