Cardi B Gets Naked and Covers Up Essentials With Metal Parts Alongside Kim Kardashian’s Ex Kanye West

Cardi B Gets Naked and Covers Up Essentials With Metal Parts Alongside Kim Kardashian's Ex Kanye West

Cardi B, hip-hop singer.

Cardi B, hip-hop singer.

Photo: Philip Faraone. /Getty Images

the sensual Cardi-B has new music at last. His fans were already asking him for something and it will be a collaboration nothing and nothing less than with the ex of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West next to Lil Durk. the rapper she used some metallic pieces to cover the essential parts of her parts because she was almost naked, in the best Shakira style in his latest video clip with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. The name of the song “Holy shit” and it’s a very futuristic wave.

The theme will be released on July 1. Cardi B appears almost without clothes but with a futuristic metallic outfit and in the middle of an entire city as a superhero. She also surprised everyone by airing that the song “Holy Shit” is with rapper number 1 and ex of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Y Lil Durk. This is a guaranteed success for the world of hip hop. In addition, the rapper also used short hair as we have rarely seen it.

almost three months ago Cardi-B and showed for the first time the face of his second son “Wave” with the rapper Offset. For months there was no news of his pregnancy and, after the birth of the baby, he kept his face private. But the cover of Essence magazine was also privileged to do the first photo shoot with the new member of the family. The other three children of the rapper also appear in the image. He has a total of five children from previous relationships.

As to kanye-west, he himself changed lawyers again recently. This regarding the legal battle that he faces with his ex-wife and mother of his five children, kim kardashian. While she walks in the honeys of love with Pete Davidson. With whom Tahiti was recently, the rapper continues with an influencer girlfriend very similar to his ex.

However, these days close sources admitted that kanye-west has been calmer. This after some images of Peter Davidson as a stepfather with one of the children of Kim and Kanye.

Cardi-B For now, it doesn’t stop working. She continues with her reality show for Messenger “Cardi Tries”, where she became a sexy firefighter for a day. Of course the occurrences of the rapper and the disaster it caused was very funny.

He also brought out a new brand tennis line reebok with whom he posed with tight lycras and blonde hair. This wave goes more in pastel tones and quite retro. They took a look back at the Reebok boot that became popular in the ’80s.

The other one that drew attention once again was Caroline Hennessy, her younger sister, who wore a jumpsuit with holes that left more than one with their jaws on the ground. For now and while we wait for the premiere of Cardi B’s “Holy Shit” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk. We leave you with your previous hit “No Love” which has millions of views on Youtube.

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