Cardio Fitness has arrived


The Apple Watch is already praised for its useful features for athletes. Thus, the connected watch makes it possible in particular to calculate its VO2 Max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use during physical exercise.

A feature open to all

A new function is now appearing on the occasion of the update of WatchOS to version 7.2. Cardio Fitness further refines these athletic performance records. This makes it much easier to assess your condition over the long term. However, this novelty is also aimed at non-athletes in their daily life. This is explained by Dr. Sumbul Desai, vice president of the Apple health branch:

The ability to measure something can be very motivating for some people to see how they are doing. In this sense, Cardio Fitness can be very useful for everyone, not just those who run marathons. This is why we are very excited to democratize the possibility of using VO2 Max, not only for top athletes, but also for everyday life.

Concretely, Cardio Fitness works in a fairly simple way and allows you to evaluate your cardio form. A series of tools are used such as optical heart sensor, GPS and accelerometer. Once your VO2 Max is known, you will be awarded a score corresponding to your state of fitness. From 15 to 30, your cardio level is considered low. From 30 to 38: medium to above average. If it exceeds 40, it is considered high.

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