Carmen Villalobos puts on the villain shirt to restart the recordings of ‘Café con Aroma de Mujer’

Carmen Villalobos se pone la camiseta de villana para reiniciar las grabaciones de ‘Café con Aroma de Mujer’

Carmen Villalobos He caused a sensation among his more than 16 million followers of his social networks with his last published photograph.

The beautiful actress announced that she was already back to the recordings of the melodrama “Woman-fragranced coffeeWhich is expected to premiere this year.

This project means a challenge for Villalobos since it will represent its first villain in more than 10 years of career, giving life to “Lucy”A manipulative woman obsessed with conquering the man she loves.

In the publication shared to his Instagram account, he can be seen posing very flirtatiously wearing colorful sunglasses and a T-shirt, it is this piece that has caused surprise since it is stamped with the most famous villains of the Disney world in reference to the work that the Colombian performs within the new adaptation.

The Colombian returns to her work routine after taking a break from the set, relaxing with the family where she took the opportunity to waste sensuality in tiny clothes.


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