Carolina Sandoval exploits her sensuality with a brutal twerking in front of the toilet

Carolina Sandoval explota su sensualidad con un twerking brutal frente al inodoro

Carolina sandoval He has caused controversy with his latest publication on Instagram, where he has shown his followers a very sexy side with sensual movements of his curves.

The “Queen of the Girdle”Has left his fans surprised with the new edition of“I spent the night with Caro”Where he has touched on a subject that can become private for many. She is seen performing a brutal twerking in front of the toilet in a fitted tank dress that makes her legs shine and great charms, turning on her social network.

Doing those things that everyone does and no one publishes because it is not cool, by the way today’s late night is private“, And he has sent it with dedication for all his detractors”Postscript: To all Bettys with love“, The name he has chosen to call his haters has been”Betty“.

The admirers of “The Venomous“They have quickly turned to the comment box to leave their hearts of ‘I like’ or a message in support of the famous.

We all do it and none publishes it, only you my Caro“,”I’m dying of laughter, so beautiful“,”Yaass Caro“,”I declare not to publish what we all do“His fans have written to him.

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But not everything was well received and although the video has already reached more than 30 thousand reproductions there were many who did not like how it has been shown.

How much ridiculousness together“,”My God, what has this lady come to?“,”OMG, it’s over“,”This morning in church and at night in the toilet all you talked about“,”The great journalist, writer and influencer how far she has come“, Expressed some followers.


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