Carolina Sandoval goes to bathe with clothes to ‘cleanse her soul’

Carolina Sandoval se mete a bañar con ropa para ‘limpiar su alma’

Carolina sandoval has once again delighted his fans with his broadcasts of the “I spent the night with Caro”Where he addresses issues of personal improvement, relationship, self-esteem and motivation for his millions of followers.

The Venezuelan has been shown in a video uploaded to her official Instagram account, getting into the shower fully dressed to offer an emotional reflection for all her female followers and inviting them to leave any relationship that is taking them down the path of sadness, bitterness or despair.

Do not stay with someone to maintain a screen that is not a business for anyone, cleanse your soul and have the courage to leave where you do not want to be, a relationship that does not work is not healthy for anyone“, Has written under the publication.

Of course, all this has been done very much in the style of “The Venomous“Well, even though she was wearing a brown leather aviator jacket showing deep cleavage, tight leggings and a beret, she symbolically opens the tap of the tub and pours soap to ‘clean their lives.

His fans have reacted favorably to Sandoval’s dynamic and have quickly given the post thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.


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