Carolina Sandoval is recorded after the shower so that fans no longer call her ‘odorous’

Carolina Sandoval se graba después de la ducha para que los fans ya no la tachen de ‘olorosa’

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo / Grosby Group

Carolina sandoval has taken in the best way the strong criticism of which she was a victim a few days ago by a follower who referred to her disparagingly.

The “Queen of the sash”Has shared a humorous video on his Instagram account where he takes the opportunity to return to mention to the fan who told her that she was ‘smelly’, with a towel on her head and her robe, she answered his comments.

And today, how come the three wise men, I even bathed and perfumed myself early after I finished sleeping at around 11 a.m. and also since Betty is always smelling me on TikTok and on Instagram, I’m attentiveHe wrote under the post.

The fans of the former host of “Tell me what you knowThey have rushed to leave their ‘like’ in the post that already has more than one hundred thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments.


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