Carolina Sandoval makes fun of her former colleagues in ‘Suelta La Sopa’

Carolina Sandoval se burla de sus ex compañeros de ‘Suelta La Sopa’

In the ‘Trasnocho con Caro’ he made it clear that he did not believe the farewell speech

Carolina Sandoval

Photo: Carolina Sandoval / Courtesy

He started with the hints in his networks and now he made fun of his former colleagues … Carolina Sandoval made it clear in ‘El Trasnocho con Carolina’ this past Wednesday, that your relationship with ‘Tell me what you know’ It didn’t end in the best way.

Recall that, after several days without making it official, this Tuesday the show of entertainment that transmits Telemundo confirmed Sandoval’s departure, with the following speech given by the host of the program, Jorge Bernal:

‘Suelta la Sopa’ is a program very transparent and it is a journey that we started in the company of the beloved audience, you at home, the people who watch Telemundo. 7 years ago we started ‘SLS’, in East travel We have had different partners, from now on Carolina Sandoval will not continue to be with us, her contribution to the show was enormous and our love for her unalterable. From here we wish him the best in his future, the journey in ‘loose La Sopa’ continues with all of you continuing ”.

Well, last night, Carolina ironized with many of the words and phrases used in that speech such as:

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Trip Today, that we have, is really with my bag transparent, and I want to tell you that the contribution that you give every night, here at ‘Trasnocho con Caro’ is unalterable… Imagine that these almost two years we have had many changes … Of wigs, eyelashes and even swimsuits. Oh Lord! but let me tell you, of transparent shape, than This trip wonderful just started, “began Carolina with a lot of humor and a hint of irony.

During the 15 minutes that her virtual show lasts, Carolina repeated those words on several occasions, especially that of ‘Inalterable’, and gave a prominent space to what friendship means and that we cannot give that title to everyone:

“Do you know that I am very fond of you, my unalterable followers? You are my family, but oh, my family really, that word is great, you pile on who you add it to and who puts it on… ”.

“… I also have friends, because that word of truth that one misuses it …”Carolina joked.

Recall that, in the Sandoval house almost all the parties of ‘Suelta La Sopa’ were held, including Carlos Mesber, CEO of High hill The creative producer of ‘Suelta La Sopa’ and former Carolina employee, is godfather of Amalia Victoria, the youngest girl of the Venezuelan journalist.

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Confirmed: Carolina Sandoval is out of ‘Suelta la Sopa’ and Telemundo


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